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Preparing for Co-op Abroad – The Ultimate Internship
Lily Chryssis and Jim Stellar
Lily is a graduate of Northeastern University in 2004 as a major in Political Science & International Affairs who took advantage of the co-op program.  Later she got a Master’s degree in Middle Eastern Studies at the American University of Beirut.  She returned to [...]

Internships in Law – EQ meets IQ processing
Hillary W. Steinbrook and Jim Stellar
Hillary and I met at Northeastern when she was a Harvard Law Student doing an internship in the legal office.  She graduated and now works at Wellesley College.  We wrote a blog post together in July of 2009 on the book “Blink” by [...]

WIL around the world on a smile - communicating, learning, growing
Michelle Hansford and Jim Stellar
Michelle is the Director at the World Association of Cooperative Education (WACE) and someone with whom I have worked in the past as part of a team to put on workshops in the field of co-op and experiential education.  But she [...]

Riding high on horse-human communication
Susan Salk and Jim Stellar
Susan is a professional writer and we became friends at our previous jobs.  Recently, we began talking about the blog and how interesting it is that animals and humans seem to be able to communicate well. People think you are talking about dogs when you say that, [...]